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The Man Called X

The Man Called X was an episonage, adventure drama broadcast from July to August, 1944. Herbert Marshall, a British actor, played the lead role Ken Thurston as an international troubleshooter and intelligence agent. The theme music composed by Johnny Green is outstanding.

The series features Thurston hopping around the globe to solve mysterious cases. Dubbed as "the man who crosses the ocean as readily as you and cross town," Ken Thurston, the man called X, deals with problems involving, such as, secret government operations, smuggled guns, explosives, drugs, art theft, murders, kidnappings, and sabotage.

There is also an element of romance thrown in the plot, involving women with sordid histories.

There are 91 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Mr. Nessler and the Insurance Policy April 24, 1947
Shipment Condemned December 7, 1947
Journey to Xenophon November 16, 1947
No One Wins on Zero October 2, 1947
Ashes to Ashes November 2, 1947
Assignment Naples December 28, 1947
Swindle to Honolulu June 5, 1947
From a Starlit Hill December 21, 1947
The Stamp Story May 15, 1947
Timber October 16, 1947
Delta Concerto December 14, 1947
All That Glitters October 9, 1947
The Oil Refinery April 17, 1947
Arctic Expedition April 3, 1947
Report from the Arctic November 23, 1947
The Lost Ones August 21, 1947
Will You Marry Me August 7, 1947
Destination Manila July 24, 1947
Rembrandt in Rio June 26, 1947
The Silver Scarab June 19, 1947
A Ruby for Pearl March 28, 1948
One Sailor Died Twice March 21, 1948
The Pickled Chemist March 14, 1948
The Girl Who Couldn't Remember August 15, 1948
The Laughing Lady September 26, 1948

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